[Auction 4th April 2016] An Afternoon Delight @ Sotheby’s
Posted on Mar 19, 2016 in Updates

About the Artwork:

An Afternoon Delight is a landscape Chinese ink painting, which depicts a day at the pond filled with living from various animals interacting harmoniously together. One is able to depict a dancing catfish, clapping crabs, leaping frogs and singing birds which exude great energy and vibrancy!

On top of that, the pond is complemented with beautiful greenery such as the bamboo and pine trees which lead up to the sky, emphasising the focus on the beautiful flying Lónggu? (??), emanating the colours of red to show its strength and vitality.

Thus, witnessing such a picturesque scene is a rare occasion and it is indeed an afternoon delight to help the audience to relive, rejoice and be re-inspired!

Look at the pond!

Can you see?

the catfish is dancing,
the crabs are clapping,
the frogs are leaping
And the bird is singing.
What a harmonious performance!

And suddenly, the bamboo sways and the pine leaves rustles, adding a beautiful tranquil to the atmosphere.

Why is there a sudden gust of wind? I wondered to myself.

So I look up to the sky and found a powerful magnificent Lónggu? (??) charging up into the sky with grace and power.

How fortunate must I be?
To witness, the harmony of nature, filled with energy and harmony.

What an afternoon delight indeed!

An Afternoon Delight, painted by Tan Oe Pang (Chen YouBing), will be auctioned at the upcoming Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art at Sotheby’s.

Date of Auction: 04 April 2016
Location: Hong Kong
Time: 10:00AM HKT

For more information, visit Sotheby’s website.